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$35 per month. 12 months.

Growth looks like...

  • Increased money

    Not just revenue, but what you ACTUALLY get paid. We'll help you set your targets so the math works.

  • More freedom

    You'll know how to use your time and where to delegate so you can get the most done.

  • Greater Impact

    You'll know who your customer is and what problem you solve for them. And why it's important. So you can make your big difference in the world.

What you'll get

You want to grow but are not sure where to start? It starts HERE.

  • Clarity: Prioritize ONE THING to grow your business each month

  • Accountability: Make sure you get your ONE THING done.

  • Live Collaboration: You're not in this alone.

  • Self-paced content: You can work at your own pace and time

Your path to growth

  • Clear Vision

    Your future can be achieved. But only if you can see it clearly.

  • Realistic Plan

    You'll break your vision into bite-size pieces you can knock out one month at a time.

  • Getting Things Done

    You'll push through the work by breaking things into simple decisions you can grapple with AND having someone to hold you accountable.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Month 1: Why

    • Why your why matters

    • The components of a compelling why

    • Worksheet: Your Compelling Why

    • Synthesize your why

    • Worksheet: Your Idea Activation Plan

    • Unstick your why

    • How you know you've nailed it

  • 2

    Month 2: Getting Paid

    • Do You Know What It Takes To Get Paid By Your Business?

    • How to use the worksheet

    • Let's start with your personal expenses

    • Make your why happen through personal savings

    • Identify other sources of income

    • What will you sell?

    • The cost of running your business

    • Paying yourself - making everything add up

    • Final thoughts and support

    • Thoughts from Ben & Overview Consulting - Mind the BAM

  • 3

    Month 3: Revenue Streams

    • Brainstorming Revenue Streams

    • Thoughts from Ben & Overview - The Power of Multiple Revenue Streams

    • Revenue Streams Worksheet

    • Type 1: Transactional Revenue

    • Type 2: Recurring Revenue

    • Type 3: Residual Income

    • Type 4: Leveraged Income

    • Culling the list

  • 4

    Month 4: Your Ideal Client

    • Introduction

    • How To Use The Template

    • Name Your Client

    • Problem

    • Threats

    • Outcomes

    • You

    • Alternatives

    • Who They Follow

    • Media

    • Where They Connect

    • Where They Go

    • Summary

    • One-Liner

    • Using in Your Biz

    • No Bad Clients, Just Bad Fit

    • Finding Your Bad Fits

    • Barriers To Entry

    • Exit Gracefully

    • Closing Thoughts

    • A game of cornhole

    • Team Discussions

  • 5

    Month 5: Measures and Target Setting

    • Turning your why into measures that matter

    • Two main types of measures

    • Mapping your why to measures

    • Unstick your measures

    • How to refine your measures this month

    • Turning measures and actions into targets

    • Decide on your measurement philosophy

    • Results Targets: Set your dates and figure out your time

    • Action Targets: Types and how to use them

    • Results Targets: How to calculate money targets

    • Action Targets: Tips for specific business areas

    • Time to do the math!

    • Unsticking your targets

    • This month make it solid

  • 6

    Month 6: Triage Your Business

    • From "what do I know" to "what could I be missing"

    • The components of a growth system

    • Worksheet: Business Self-Review

    • Before you start - people that matter and how to score

    • Evaluating your operating system part 1 - your strategy

    • Evaluate your operating system part 2 - your plan

    • Evaluate your operating system part 3 - your execution

    • Evaluate your growth applications - your shared functions

    • Evaluate your growth applications - your market

    • Close loose ends and capture your ideas

  • 7

    Month 7: Prioritize Your Focus

    • Moving from evaluation to focus areas

    • What makes a good focus area

    • Mapping techniques

    • Prioritize your focus areas

    • Put your focus areas to paper

    • Unstick your focus

    • Decide on your focus and notice what shifts

  • 8

    Month 8: Growing through Systems

    • Turn general opportunities into specific changes

    • What is a system and how it helps you reclaim time, money, impact, and sanity

    • Evaluate what systems are important

    • Worksheet: System Inventory

    • Deep dive your systems

    • Finance deep dive

    • Sales deep dive

    • Marketing deep dive

    • Delivery deep dive

    • People and strategy deep dive

    • Unstick your systems

    • Pull the pieces together

  • 9

    Month 9: Chunk Your Actions

    • Turning focus into action

    • What is a good sized chunk for you

    • Plan out your actions for your top focus areas

    • Unstick your plans

    • This month - take action

  • 10

    Month 10: Manage to perform

    • Making it happen

    • The importance of routines on follow-through and learning

    • What is a successful routine

    • Create your routine

    • Worksheet: Define your performance and planning routines

    • Bring it all together - create your first mid-term plan

    • Worksheet: Map your plan

    • Unstick your performance

  • 11

    Month 11: Your Future Self

    • They keys to your success

    • Reflect, commit, partner, and get it done

    • Discussion Time: What was most valuable to you?

  • 12

    Month 12: Your Plan of Attack

    • To Be Released

What you'll need to be successful

Growing isn't easy. But it is doable. All you need is a guide and a plan that is broken out step-by-step.

  • 1-2 hours of homework each month using 5-15 minute videos and worksheets you can break across weeks

  • Prioritize the live sessions with Jess, Ben & your cohort on the 1st Monday of every month over lunch-ish (depending on your time zone)

  • Apply the learnings to your business in between sessions. There will be resources if you need help working out the kinks.

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5 star rating

Actionable Inspriation


Jenny's expertise and tools have helped me organize, analyze, revise, and operationalize all the ideas I have jumping around in my head. The program is so...

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Jenny's expertise and tools have helped me organize, analyze, revise, and operationalize all the ideas I have jumping around in my head. The program is so brain-friendly - structure to capture and organize the parts and big picture dreaming, connection, and inspired impact to fuel and fill the structure.

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5 star rating

Clarity and focus instead of doubts and procrastination

Uta Moncur

While I already sort of knew how to run a business after 20 years of wearing many hats at a small agency, I was pulled into so many directions and was wingin...

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While I already sort of knew how to run a business after 20 years of wearing many hats at a small agency, I was pulled into so many directions and was winging most of it, just like we had done at the previous agency. Procrastination and doubts were always present. I know how to prioritize the work the clients hire me to do, but I didn't know how to prioritize my own work. This course has helped me tremendously by bringing clarity to my personal and my business goals, along with the soft and hard tools to execute on them. I would greatly recommend it to anyone who is not 100% on top of things.

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