You're not like everyone else

Your plan deserves to be different.

You're a business owner with big dreams unique to you.

The one size fits all approach is not working. You have tons of great resources and ideas ---- but are not sure what to do NOW, to achieve your goals LATER

Just thinking about all the potential to-do's across all the areas of your business is exhausting.

It's time to get solid and define your playbook.

Clear goals.
Clear measures.
Defined projects.
No excuses.

You're ready for a partner with a plan so you can stay on-target

Imagine you had a plan you could hold in your hands

Your time is valuable so we'll create it for you

Every month you meet with us for a 1:1 session where we set goals for the month and talk through any roadblocks and ideas that surfaced.

Because growing a business is one great experiment.

The results you get are more reliable when you apply a small dash of the scientific method, a pinch of focus, and someone to cut through it for you and with you.
Image of our idea activation plan that we create for each customer

It's like Christmas!

Studio Owner in Los Angeles, CA @ Plan Review Session

"This plan was like opening my Christmas present early!"

Now imagine it didn't break the bank

Your hard-earned dollars are important.

We get that growing a micro-business is tough and the expense budgets aren't always that big.

We started this business because we want more people starting, growing and sustaining businesses. we were frustrated with the lack of affordable options out there for you.

You're changing the game just by being in business. And when everyone wants a big price tag --- the easiest thing to do is go back to what you're amazing at.

Doing it yourself.

There is a better way to blend DIY and 1:1 support to keep it affordable.

It's behind the doors of this micro-business growth community.

And because we practice what we preach - we have found a way to make a profit too.

Your cost? $200 a month.

Is this your story?

Let's write a new one together

It's all about Community

It takes shared investment and common goals to breathe life into a community.

  • We put our money where our mouth is. If you grow, chances are we will too.

  • Join over 50 business owners who've worked with us to grow 1:1

  • Benefit from a growing toolkit paired with a personalized approach

  • Our clients and team are across the US. Where you go, we go (virtually).

How Do I Get There?

Our coaches will activate your biggest ideas and provide the tools to get you there

  • Monthly Coaching Session

    You will receive a 1-hour personal coaching session every single month with a business coach matched for you.

    We start our journey by putting together a 12-month customized growth plan.

    Each month we'll set goals and priorities and work through roadblocks and ideas so you push forward where it counts.

  • Micro-Business Growth Community

    Your questions don't wait for perfectly timed sessions.

    When you join us, you also join a community of business owners who are invested in their business and getting 1:1 support.

    That means you can crowdsource ideas and support.

    Our coaches moderate the discussion and will give you their two cents every time (and we have plenty of it!).

  • Micro-Course Library Access

    You will receive an unlimited all-access pass to our entire library of courses, designed to address your specific business problem you're dealing with right now.

    No need to wade through a huge flagship course to find your nugget of truth, we've done it for you.

    We release new content every month and your asks drive our content creation.

Are you done with information overload?

A partner. A plan. A price you can afford.

So what are my options?

We also offer weekly or quarterly coaching sessions

  • $500.00 / month

    $500.00 / monthThe Accelerator

    Weekly 30-minute coaching sessions, plus content and community access, PLUS unlimited text and email access with your business coach
    Take Me There!
  • $250.00 / month

    $250.00 / monthThe Playmaker

    Monthly 60-minute coaching sessions, plus content and community access.
    Take Me There!
  • $100.00 / month

    $100.00 / monthThe Visionary

    Quarterly 90-minute coaching sessions. plus content and community access.
    Take Me There!

Your Coaches

Let's put a name with a face

Idea Activator

Jessica Fletcher

"I live in sunny Arizona and bring a background focused in process improvement, supply chain, finance, and research. What does that mean? I use data to help make things run smoother with a focus on what matters most to achieving your goals. I bring a sense of organization, focus, and step-by-step plans to everything I do and I'll bring that same focus to you.

I will be your primary champion within the community, making sure you have the content, clarity, and group atmosphere you need to be wildly successful.

I hope you'll join me in creating clarity in your business!"

Idea Activator

Jenny Erickson

"I bring the best of 15+ years of big company background to the speed of micro-businesses. I've worked on programs and led teams in a variety of areas from marketing, tech, human resources, supply chain, and finance.

My passion is to see more people IN business, GROWING their business, and SUSTAINING their business.

My life purpose is to make glorious mistakes and in doing so invite others to do the same.

I hope you'll join me and make a few glorious mistakes together!"

What Are People Saying?

5 star rating

Actionable Inspriation


Jenny's expertise and tools have helped me organize, analyze, revise, and operationalize all the ideas I have jumping around in my head. The program is so...

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Jenny's expertise and tools have helped me organize, analyze, revise, and operationalize all the ideas I have jumping around in my head. The program is so brain-friendly - structure to capture and organize the parts and big picture dreaming, connection, and inspired impact to fuel and fill the structure.

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5 star rating

Clarity and focus instead of doubts and procrastination

Uta Moncur

While I already sort of knew how to run a business after 20 years of wearing many hats at a small agency, I was pulled into so many directions and was wingin...

Read More

While I already sort of knew how to run a business after 20 years of wearing many hats at a small agency, I was pulled into so many directions and was winging most of it, just like we had done at the previous agency. Procrastination and doubts were always present. I know how to prioritize the work the clients hire me to do, but I didn't know how to prioritize my own work. This course has helped me tremendously by bringing clarity to my personal and my business goals, along with the soft and hard tools to execute on them. I would greatly recommend it to anyone who is not 100% on top of things.

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A few of our courses

Here is a sample of the topics we already have courses on. We have more in the pipeline and we'll serve them up in your 1:1 session in the right time for you.

  • How to get paid

  • Triage your business (know where to look for opportunities)

  • Measures that matter

  • Growing through systems

  • A price that fits


Have questions? We answer the most common ones

  • How much does it cost?

    Our 2022 pricing is $250 monthly. Yes, $250.

    For all of it.

    Most coaching programs alone start at $750 per month and go to thousands. Our unique blend of 1:1, community, and DIY courses allows to support you for less so that money can go back to you, the business owner.

  • Will my pricing ever increase?

    If you grow, you may choose to have us grow with you. That's awesome!

    But if you like exactly where you're at and don't want to change, we re-evaluate our pricing annually to make sure we are fully covering our costs and will give you a full 60-day notice if there are increases.

  • What happens after I click "buy"?

    You'll get immediate access to the community and course library.

    Your credit card will be charged and the payment will recur each month on that same date.

    One of our coaches will reach out within one business day (or) you'll have a link to book your first session right in the bundle if you're impatient like us!

    If something seems off in the ether, you can email us at and we'll take care of it!

  • Can I cancel?

    Yes. You can cancel your subscription at any time in your community portal and it won't renew the following month.

    You'll continue to have access for the remainder of your month.

    If you have any issues at all, you can simply email your coach or and we'll fix it.

    Sessions can be rescheduled with a greater than 24-hour notice. You'll be able to self-reschedule using a booking portal to make that process easier. Your coach will ensure everything is setup to make it as easy as possible.

  • What coach will work with me?

    We align the right coaches to the right business owners based on their expertise and approach to problem-solving as well as availability.

    It is also possible your main coach will ask another coach to take a session if you are covering a topic in their sweet spot.

    Whatever happens you will have a primary coach to communicate with and we will keep you posted every step of the way.

  • What if I'm not happy with the coach I'm working with or the plan you create?

    If you're not happy with your plan or coach and you let us know at the time of plan review and we can't fix it then we will refund your first month's subscription.

    A plan isn't perfect (neither is a coach!). But if it's not something you think is viable then we aren't the coaches for you --- and that's ok. We'd rather have you take that money and invest it elsewhere in your business because that serves our mission.

  • What results have you seen in the past?

    One client broke her annual full year revenue record from several years prior by October. And she did it profitably with lower than benchmark marketing expenses.

    Another client designed, launched, filled, and completed a beta course in 4 months --- after working on the project over a year prior.

    We can't guarantee results (and if someone does, question them). There are so many internal and external factors that drive whether or not a business survives and thrives.

    But we will give you the tools you need to define success for you, recommendations on how to implement it and respond to what's happening around you, and a partner to support you through all the ups and downs that business ownership brings.

    And if we don't think we are the person for the job at any point in our journey --- we will tell you.

It's YOUR time to grow

If the investment has ever held you back from getting the 1:1 support you deserve, now is your time to test the waters.

With our easy cancelation, there is little to lose and potential growth to gain.